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Plastic Business Cards

Plastic business cards are a unique way to keep your name and organization in front of your customers and leave a lasting impression on them. Cards are available in 12,18 and 30 mill thickness with rounded corners and in credit card or standard business card size.

Clear Plastic Business Cards

Clear plastic business card


Clear Cards: Get a see through business card with your logo and company information. Clear plastic business cards are standard credit card size (2.125" x 3.375"). They are usually printed on one side but can be printed on the back by laying down a colored background behind the graphics for the back. Add features such as frosted finish to enhance your card.

Frosted Finish / Translucent Plastic Business Cards

Frost plastic business card


Frosted Finish Cards: A finish that is placed on one or both sides of the card. On a white card it will give it a rustic/matte look. On a clear card this will make it transluscent.  

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